Albatross, Milwaukee Ballet

Albatross, Milwaukee Ballet


Choreography George Williamson
Costumes Max Zara Sterck
Composer Edmund Shaw

Embrace, Birmingham Royal Ballet



Birmingham Royal Ballet Premiered 21 June, 2018

Choreography George Williamson

Dramaturg Lou Cope

Composer Sarah Kirkland Snider

Set & Costume Designer Madeleine Girling

Light Designer Peter Teigen


Wonderers Milwaukee Ballet

Wonderers Milwaukee Ballet




Milwaukee Ballet Premiered 21 Feb, 2017
Choreography George Williamson
Composer Sibelius
Light Designer Jason Fassl
Garrett Glassman and Patrick Howell. Photo Mark Frohna (1)

Garrett Glassman and Patrick Howell. Photo Mark Frohna (2)

Milwaukee Ballet Company. Photo Mark Frohna (2)Garrett Glassman and Patrick Howell. Photo Mark Frohna (2)Milwaukee Ballet Company. Photo Mark Frohna

My First Ballet: Swan Lake


English National Ballet


Choreography George Williamson after Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov

Concept & Direction George Williamson

Music Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Musical Arrangement Gavin Sutherland

New Design Louis Whitemore

My First Ballet: Sleeping Beauty

My First Sleeping Beauty

English National Ballet – 2016 UK Tour


Choreography George Williamson

Concept & Direction George Williamson

Music Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Dramaturg Adam Peck

Musical Director Gavin Sutherland

Designer Peter Farmer

Costume Designer Nicholas Georgiadis

Lighting Designer Howard Hudson

CRANE Dutch National Ballet


CRANE Dutch National Ballet – Premiere June 2016

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Choreography George Williamson
Costumes David Bamber
Composer Donnacha Dennehy
Lighting Burt Dahuysen

Photography Carlos Quezada


Murmuration ABT Studio Company

Murmuration ABT Studio Company-Premier November 2015

Murmuration 3 Mumuration lead image Murmuration 4 MURMURATION 2


Choreography George Williamson
Composer Dobrinka Tabakova
Costumes Reid & Harriet
Photo Credit Eduardo Patino


Egle Queen of the Grass Snakes Lithuanian National Ballet


Egle Queen of the Grass snakes Lithuanian National Ballet - premiere 20th November 2015



Lithuanian National Ballet Premiered 20 Nov, 2015
Choreography George Williamson

Composer Eduardas Balsys
Music Director & Conductor David Geringas

Set & Costume Designer Louie Whitemore

Light Designer Howard Hudson


Credits                                  Ballet for Nancy

Ballet for Nancy

Music: Appalachian Spring – Aaron copland

Choreography: George Williamson

Nancy – Nancy Osbaldeston


Music: Adagio for Strings – Samuel Barber

Choreography: George Williamson

Dancers: Jia Zhang and Max Westwell

Four on the Floor

Music: Four on the Floor – Judd Greenstein

Choreography: George Willamson

Conductor: Leo Geyer

Dancers: Laurretta Summerscales, Ksenia Ovsyanick,  Nathan Young, Vitor Menezes

The Constella Orchestra

Leader: Tim Rathbone


In Parenthesis

In Parenthesis

For one night only, English National Ballet presents a site-specific performance inspired by David Jones’s seminal First World War poem, ‘In Parenthesis’.


Movement Direction George Williamson

Pam Hogg

Pam Hogg



Photo Credits:


Pam Hogg Spring/Summer Premiered London Fashion Week 2013Credits

Choreography George Williamson
Music Carter Tutti Void, Transverse

My First Ballet: Cinderella

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My First Cinderella

Premiered March 2013 – The Peacock Theatre



Choreography George Williamson
Concept and Direction George Williamson and Loipa Araújo
Music Sergei Prokofiev
Musical Director Gavin Sutherland
Design David Walker
Lighting Designer Richard Howell
Additional Costume Design Wizzy Shawyer
Additional Scenic Design John Campbell


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Photo credit: Charl Marais 

A short film for the English National Ballet and Twenty6 Magazine.


Movement Direction George Williamson
Director Chris Turner
Music Plaid
Full credits see end of film

Round the Corner

Around the Corner - George Williamson Choreography

Premiered at The Peacock Theatre 2010


Choreography George Williamson
Music GoldieLocks


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English National ballet – Premiered 22nd March 2012, London Coliseum


Choreography George Williamson
Music Igor Stravinsky
Set Design David Bamber and George Williamson in collaboration with John Campbell Scenic Studio
Costume Design David Bamber
LightingNicholas Holdridge
Photography Diego Idraccolo

My First Ballet: Coppélia

My First Ballet Coppelia George Williamson - Choreographer

English National Ballet – Premieres on the 5th April 2014


Choreography George Williamson after an original production by Ronald Hynd and Marius Petipa
Concept and Direction George Williamson
Music Léo Delibes
Music Arrangement Gavin Sutherland
Design Louie Whitemore
Lighting Richard Howell

Dawn Dances

Dutch National Junior Company – Premiered 24 November 2013, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam


Choreography George Williamson
Music J Greenstein
Lighting Bert Dalhuysen
Photo Credit Rob Kuyper

Nike Ballet


Ballet to launch Nike Hyper-feel Trainer



Choreography George Williamson
Costume Design Nike
Music London Contemporary Orchestra


  • Role: Choreography

Tempus - Choreography by George Williamson


English National Ballet – Premiered at the Queens Coronation Festival 11th



Choreography George Williamson
Costume Design Julian Macdonald
Music Chris Turner


Threefold - George Williamson Choreography



New English Ballet theatre Premiered 5th July 2012
Choreography George Williamson
Music F Poulenc’s ‘Aubade’
Set Design Zachary Eastwood-Bloom
Costume Design Louise Körner & Ekaterine Lomtadze


Animus - George Williamson Choreography at The Polish National Ballet

Photo Credits:



Polish national Ballet Premiered 2011
Choreography George Williamson
Music Son lux



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